March 31st, 2023 / 09th Ramadan 1444

Masjid Rahmah is now open for daily prayers and Jumah (Friday) prayers.


05:32 AM


01:30 PM


Khutba at 01:15 PM, Salaah at 01:30 PM


05:30 PM


07:17 PM


08:45 PM
Fajr:05:32 AM
Zohar:01:30 PM
Jumuah:Khutba at 01:15 PM, Salaah at 01:30 PM
Asr:05:30 PM
Maghrib:07:17 PM
Isha:08:45 PM

Masjid Rahmah - Great America Islamic Center in collaboration with Maghreb Association of North America is hosting Iftar Dinner every Saturday for All Lake County Muslim Communities. There will be announcements of establishing Insha’Allah an Islamic School as well as Saturday/Sunday Schools with lots of Youth Programs and Activities. All are welcome to participate and enjoy the excitement building in the Muslim Community in Lake County.

Masjid Rahmah now offers full time and weekend Quran Hifz classes, for children ages 7 and above, in person and online. Our renowned resident Imam Mir Mujtaba Ali will conduct the classes. Parents may meet him in person after Juma Prayers or any time during week days or weekends at Masjid Admin Office. You may also reach our Imam at +1-773-800-8334 regarding summer classes registration for children and Youth.